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Weaning a Toddler

Months ago I told Zoya there would be no more nursing after Christmas and she believed me. Whenever anybody wouldContinue Reading

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True Accomplishment

So after all the “looks important” stuff of yesterday, today far exceeded all of that when my toddler told meContinue Reading

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My thoughts about “Making a Marriage Magically Tidy

This is the article I wanted to write.  It’s by someone who declutters and uses the Marie Kondo method toContinue Reading

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Big Change Coming

So I have a huge change coming, and despite my grieving, I am still very excited about it.  This change is a wonderfully exciting,Continue Reading

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New Farsi Word

A tiny success.  Zoya woke up the other morning kissed me, asked for Baba’s photo to kiss, and then pointedContinue Reading

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Haft Seen Table – How to please your Iranian Husband

The Iranian New Year, begins at the moment of the Spring Equinox.  This year, that was at 11:30 pm onContinue Reading

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Snow Days Are the Best Days

Yesterday was a perfect day. It was both restful and full of accomplishments. We focused on articulating what we wantedContinue Reading

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Accomplishing Rest

Today my mind is blank and I am not in crisis mode.  I’m just enjoying the funny faces, but alsoContinue Reading