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My thoughts about “Making a Marriage Magically Tidy

This is the article I wanted to write.  It’s by someone who declutters and uses the Marie Kondo method to keep their house clean and live happily with someone who naturally was much neater than she was. 

My husband liked things neat and in order very naturally. I wasn’t great at keeping things neat but I had gotten so much better at it and mostly by getting rid of extra things.

This past year the mess has gotten out of hand again and I can’t stand it. Last weekend I took another stab at decluttering and I’m greatly enjoying a much nice livingroom. I got rid of extra toys that Zoya has outgrown and moved the rest to her never used bedroom with everything in a box or in a place.

It made it so much nicer with friends over this week and also laying on the couch literally all day today with a sick baby. 

I’m never going to be an organizer blogger. I think that is better suited for people who do it more naturally. But for those of you who want to be more tidy, but lack the know how, I will be sharing a lot of my journey. Two years ago, on maternity leave I tackled a few decluttering projects and to this day those are still the most organized things in my house.

Cleaning more often does not work for me. I don’t have the time or energy. But the last results of purging are something I can really embrace.

So as I sort out year two after my husband’s death, I’m hoping to put my house back in order as well as my heart.

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