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Weekend Breakthrough – Rest and Recreation

I really appreciated everyone’s ideas and thoughts about rest and recreation when I was at a total loss.  Rest isContinue Reading

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Weaning a Toddler

Months ago I told Zoya there would be no more nursing after Christmas and she believed me. Whenever anybody wouldContinue Reading

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A New Rhythm

Life changes.  Life with a toddler changes frequently, but sometimes I’m slow to make changes.  I’m especially hesitant to makeContinue Reading

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I️ Love Her

So I’m really kinda obsessed with my child.  I’ll admit it.  I think just about everything she says or doesContinue Reading

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Phone Free Evenings Challenge

Before my husband died, I tried to never use my phone when he or Zoya were around because I wantedContinue Reading

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Toddler Language Development Fun

Toddler language development is facinating me right now. There are no other adults in our house, so I am notContinue Reading

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Toddler Slumber Party and Parent Side by Side

No one with toddlers believes that this is what a toddler slumber party looks like all of the time.  IContinue Reading

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Toddler Breakfast

Because until you try it, you don’t know how sticky Honey Bunches of Oats can be.  Because maybe mama isContinue Reading

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Family Joy – A Single Parent Family

I love my tiny family. I’m the oldest of 17 children, so I’m used to a big family. Shah andContinue Reading

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Toddler Tips: Helping your toddler overcome her fear of bugs

Nothing outdoors would have been possible this week without this tip to help my toddler overcome her fear of bugs.Continue Reading