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Toddler Slumber Party and Parent Side by Side

No one with toddlers believes that this is what a toddler slumber party looks like all of the time.  IContinue Reading

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Toddler Tips: Helping your toddler overcome her fear of bugs

Nothing outdoors would have been possible this week without this tip to help my toddler overcome her fear of bugs.Continue Reading

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This Is How We Travel #travelingwithbaby

I used to write a lot about traveling with baby for work. A colleague asked me how I did it,Continue Reading

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Savannah Trip – #travelingwithtoddler

Without a doubt, when traveling with a baby, it’s easier to travel with extra hands, ESPECIALLY when baby is sick.Continue Reading

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First Week Home Alone with Baby

Last week daddy went back to work for the first time in many many months. He has been home fullContinue Reading

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How to Survive the Clingy Stage #babywantsmama

First of all, let me start by saying, I don’t have a clue how to handle the clingy stage. IContinue Reading

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Traveling without Baby

So traveling with baby is one thing traveling without baby is a whole different ballgame. I left at 415 inContinue Reading

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Snow Days Are the Best Days

Yesterday was a perfect day. It was both restful and full of accomplishments. We focused on articulating what we wantedContinue Reading

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Traveling with Baby – When It All Goes Wrong

Let me assure you, I do not find traveling with baby easy because I’m just so organized and together thatContinue Reading

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Hilton Head, Augusta, and Traveling with Baby

I’m not sure if it was the colder weather, exhaustion from work, or that these locations leave much to beContinue Reading