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Weekend Breakthrough – Rest and Recreation

I really appreciated everyone’s ideas and thoughts about rest and recreation when I was at a total loss.  Rest isContinue Reading

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Beauty really does something to you. This weekend, for a long weekend, I am staying with a couple of friendsContinue Reading

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and breathe – slowing down and resting after work

In June when I originally stopped daily blogging it was because mentally and emotionally I needed to process some thingsContinue Reading

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Traveling in Canada

So I’m seriously loving the-middle-of-nowhere Canada. ​​ ​ Technically, we are in Orford, somewhere between Montreal and Quebec City. It’sContinue Reading

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Toddler Slumber Party and Parent Side by Side

No one with toddlers believes that this is what a toddler slumber party looks like all of the time.  IContinue Reading

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Toddler Tips: Helping your toddler overcome her fear of bugs

Nothing outdoors would have been possible this week without this tip to help my toddler overcome her fear of bugs.Continue Reading

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What restores your soul?

Nature can help restore the soul after loss

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Intentionality, Location, Seasons and Mindfulness – Why you should take a vacation and make it count

It’s no secret. I’ve really been struggling with mindfulness the past month. I’m constantly distracting myself with just about anything,Continue Reading

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Three Day Weekend

It’s a little amazing that I wrote this post last year. We had such a perfect weekend. A few weeksContinue Reading

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New Life from an Orchid

This is not just any orchid to me. It’s a miracle orchid. I am terrible at growing things. I can’tContinue Reading