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Weekend Breakthrough – Rest and Recreation

I really appreciated everyone’s ideas and thoughts about rest and recreation when I was at a total loss.  Rest isContinue Reading

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Recreation and Play – What Do You Do When You Rest?

I wanted to write this right after my last post about How to Rest, but I had to take aContinue Reading

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How to Rest – Yes, It Can Be Very Hard

YOU need rest. You NEED rest. You need REST. So many of us are exhausted and feel the need forContinue Reading

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Renewal, Recreation, and Rest – REQUIREMENTS NOT LUXURIES

Tonight, I feel the best feeling in the world, boredom.  I don’t like being bored long.  Actually, I think untilContinue Reading

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Recognizing Our Weakness: Snow Days Are Better Than Sick Days

I’ve mentioned in the past, that I have occasionally found myself throwing up in the middle of the night andContinue Reading

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and breathe – slowing down and resting after work

In June when I originally stopped daily blogging it was because mentally and emotionally I needed to process some thingsContinue Reading

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What if we do have enough time?

What if we do have enough time?  We are always feeling like we don’t have enough time and either tryingContinue Reading

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Self-care vs God-care

When is it OK to stop working?  When is it OK to take care of yourself?  It’s all fine andContinue Reading

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What restores your soul?

Nature can help restore the soul after loss

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Independent Toddler Stage

So just after her 2nd birthday we started a very independent stage. I’m both proud of her, hopeful I won’tContinue Reading