Human Trafficking – My Other Life – “Past Job”


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This was my other world.  For five years I was a human trafficking prosecutor.  First I was the head of the Fulton County Human Trafficking Unit and later the chief human trafficking prosecutor for the state of Georgia.  I have moved onto another job that seeks to protect the vulnerable, but a lot of who I am and what I do is still connected to this world.

It’s what I did when I was not with my baby. I didn’t say much about that world on this site because in a way this site was my attempt to stay in the world I found while on maternity leave, a world where the vulnerable are not killed and exploited. For me there are two worlds, but there are probably as many worlds as there are people. For me there is one world where all children I know have been exploited as prostitutes and raped by family members, where I watch the news to see what people are saying about all I’ve dealt with during the day and what I’ll have to deal with tomorrow, and where people are stressed, passionate, burned out, crude and jaded.
And there is another world, where cleaning house and feeding babies are priorities, where I listen to books and talk about living intentionally slow, and where I do not watch the news.
To some extent this blog is an effort to focus on the good life and not let the evil life take over my mind and world view. It is an effort to follow this verse.


It is on this separate page that I add some of the “rest of my life” to put into context some of my posts about non-profits, violence, child abuse and vicarious trauma.

Video and article about one of the many, many events I have spoke at recently.

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