We made it. It’s stunning. Everywhere I go I realize what means the most to me about where I visit is the view. Minus my purse I seem to be living in a Pinterest post.

The plane ride was exhausting. Zoya was great. We had a layover in DC. When you have to buy tickets for two and the normal $1000 drops to $450, you buy immediately, with or without an hour layover. Then you truly thank God, your provider, for the gift.

I’d prepared Zoya for the plane ride by telling her we would play on the first plane and then she would sleep on the second. She does so much better when she knows what is expected. She got on the second plane and immediately laid down on the floor. Actually before I even got the blankets down. Gross.

I need to remember to give her more details next time. You wait til mommy prepares a germ free bed.

Of course, she didn’t sleep down there. Just like the deceptive photos of her “sleeping” in her bed. She kept trying to stick her head into the isle. I guess I also needed to specify where her head needed to be. She likes it in theory but never sleeps. She slept relaxed on both of our chairs and I somehow wedged myself in the air. It was miserable and I was wishing I’d just stayed home in bed for a week.

It only took about 30 minutes once we arrived for me to know the flight was well worth it. I will be interested to compare the day trip on the way back. It’s not a ridiculously long flight so day and TV might be better than sleeping like a tangled ball of yarn.

This is right after our nap. The first day was exhausting. We arrived at 7:00 am this time. Took a two hour nap after lunch. Used every ounce of willpower to wake up when the alarm went off. Powered through til dinner time and slept.

We were up a bit in the middle of the night but it was just enough sleep that by day two I already felt completely normal.

The perfect, almost hot, weather and the Dutch habit of being outside every possible minute has probably helped. We have lived at parks, on rooftops, and even did our one major touristy trip to see the tulips.

I’m hoping the great food reminds me how to eat well.

I’ve forgotten during my foggy grieving session. I want to fight to recover the healthy food part of our lives.

I had a real confirmation that God is working in me moment the first night. I’ll share more later. For now, follow our adventures on Instagram stories at @camilajw

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