Pro-Life Work – “My PAST Job”

January 2017, 7 months after my husband was killed while sitting at a red-light by a man with a gun, I took a new job as executive director of Georgia Life Alliance, an organization that seeks to promote a culture that values and seeks to protect life from conception to natural death.  My husband was deprived of that right to a natural death.  We were deprived of many years of his hugs, his eyes, and his joy.  11223815_10153362710128119_4013426981600426177_n

Though I am still in a season when often even forming a complete thought feels nearly impossible, I am happy that with the energy I have, I am able to devote it to what has always been my strongest passion, promoting a culture that values human life and knows how precious it is.

I am happy for every minute I spent working in the child abuse and human trafficking worlds, because I know a lot more about the dark realities, the hopelessness, and the abuse that face so many who feel like abortion is their best choice.  The world doesn’t look like the upper-middle class polished bubble that so many believe it is.  Many in my new world, could not even comprehend the darkness and pain that so many have experienced from childhood.

There is a difference between the pain I have experienced surrounded by a world of support and family, and the girl living in the hotel room, addicted to heroin, who only knows one person who says he loves her, but he is in jail telling her to get an abortion and make sure she sleeps with enough men tonight to pay for another night in the hotel room and put money on his books, or else she will loose the only “love” she knows in the world.

If we want to save her life and her baby’s life, it takes more than keeping her from getting an abortion for the next 40 weeks.  It takes sacrificial love from many.  It takes sacrificial love from the church.

When I was in the human trafficking world, I took great strides to separate my day life from my home life, and find some sort of work life balance.  This blog was even started in an effort to maintain the good home part of my life, and I talk about that on my human trafficking page.

But that dark life of crime broke in to my lovely personal life on June 1, 2017.  His death was not related to my job in a direct sense, but it was in the sense that there is real evil in the world, even if we try to ignore it.  We can move to safe areas of town, surround ourselves with safe friends and family, but we still live in the same world where babies are killed every day, children are raped, and young men are shot.

There are two worlds, a physical world and a spiritual world.  Both are very real, and the spiritual world is much more real to me now that my love has left the physical world.  But there is only one physical world.  We share a world with those who are dying every day.  We share a world with those who are abused.

This time, in this job, I want to bring all of my life to the table.  The life that knows there is hope and the life that knows the darkness.

I will be talking more about my job in the future because now, this blog is an attempt to merge the lives I know.