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Weekend Breakthrough – Rest and Recreation

I really appreciated everyone’s ideas and thoughts about rest and recreation when I was at a total loss.  Rest isContinue Reading

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and breathe – slowing down and resting after work

In June when I originally stopped daily blogging it was because mentally and emotionally I needed to process some thingsContinue Reading

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What if we do have enough time?

What if we do have enough time?  We are always feeling like we don’t have enough time and either tryingContinue Reading

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Self-care vs God-care

When is it OK to stop working?  When is it OK to take care of yourself?  It’s all fine andContinue Reading

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Summer of 2017 – A Update

This is the story of my summer, the summer of 2017.  I know there is still a month of summerContinue Reading

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Learning to Play

Did I just write a post with this same title?   Ever since I realized I needed to focus onContinue Reading

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What is Enough Time Away from Your Child

Do you know that fretting you feel when you leave your child for the first time?  No?  Me neither.  TheContinue Reading

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One Year After His Death. 

Today the children played with bubbles while we marked the first anniversary of Shah’s murder, but also the anniversary ofContinue Reading

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Three Day Weekend

It’s a little amazing that I wrote this post last year. We had such a perfect weekend. A few weeksContinue Reading

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The Battle for the Soul

Usually, we are blind to the battle going on for our heart and soul, but occasionally our eyes our openContinue Reading