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Weekend Breakthrough – Rest and Recreation

I really appreciated everyone’s ideas and thoughts about rest and recreation when I was at a total loss.  Rest is more than sleep.  Sleep and even being still are essential.  The body has to rest.  But sometimes the mind rests best when we are physically active or focused on recreation that energizes us.


On my Instagram I posted a photo that got so many positive comments of us painting the snow.  THIS was not recreation for me.  I wish I had a creative streak that loved doing this and naturally thought of creative activities like this.  I don’t.  We were stuck inside during a ridiculous cold snap. I didn’t want her to watch television all day.  So I went on Pinterest and searched for toddler snow day activities.  She enjoyed it and I know it was great for our bonding and her development, but for me this is the work side of parenting, not the play side of parenting.


Dance on the other hand was completely energizing and renewing.  We had our first Mommy and Me class.  She was fine with hopping in a circle and galloping with me, but by far the magical part for her was walking across the room on her toes by herself while holding a wand.  Weeks after my husband died, I saw an email from our mom’s group asking about Mommy and Me ballet classes.  THIS was the first spark I had that revealed the possibility of Zoya and I still having a good life without Shah.  It has taken a year and a half to start, and really, it didn’t disappoint.

Everything was better this weekend.  When I went to fill out my weekend review, I had all five lines of recreation filled.  I didn’t actually get around to doing it until the weekend was half over and I’d already done many of the things, but that only means they were true REcreation for me, and not just ideas that I hoped would bring renewal.

  1. Forest walk
  2. Ballet class
  3. Beltline walk
  4. Picnic
  5. Zoo

Except for ballet, everything we did was outside, and expect for the actual picnic, everything involved gobs of movement.  Even though we launched a big initiative at work Thursday and Friday, and I learned Saturday that we would continue it even more next week, all of the movement and outdoor time allowed me to completely be present and not worry at all about whatever mountains will have to be moved tomorrow.

I found myself stepping out of a place where I felt overwhelmed, victimized, and sorry for myself, and into a place of praise, gratitude, and energy that Zoya and I can still have an exciting and adventurous life.

Yes, I’m praising God for this weather and so many other things coming together at just the right time.  The primary photo on my page and new theme of God Providing the Z girl’s adventures came while I was in Canada, which was the last time I was able to really spent so much time outside.


It is time to get back to trusting God to provide for us.  It’s time to start praising God for all he is providing.  It is time to start expecting new adventures.

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