What if we do have enough time?  We are always feeling like we don’t have enough time and either trying to do it all, while exhausted or giving up.  But what if we do have enough. 

What if we have enough time to do exactly what we need to do?  What if, if we set down the things we don’t need, like 4 hours staring at the phone, that we would have the time we need to do everything else?

What if we have the time to do all the important things?  Right now my most important things are rest, taking care of my house, playing with Zoya, reading, work, and quiet time with God. 

After a week of putting my phone down for considerable chunks of time I’ve automatically found time for important things I haven’t done in ages like nap and mop the floors. What if there are other things I could eliminate from my time?

What if I have enough energy to do the work that I must do, even though while grieving I have far less energy than before?  Maybe I don’t have the hours I think I should have but rather have the hours I need. 

I don’t mean you should turn off your TV and clean more. TV rest may be just what you need. There have probably been times where I needed the distraction of my phone to shut down my traumatized mind. 

I’m not talking about doing more and resting less, quite the opposite. I’m talking about trusting that God gives us enough time. I’m talking about maybe I only have energy to work three hard days, because that is enough. Maybe four work days this week are enough and I shouldn’t work on this holiday.

My biggest maybe is, maybe, if I keep my phone down, I won’t have to choose between work stress, rest, cleaning and Zoya. Maybe there will be enough. 

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