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and breathe – slowing down and resting after work

In June when I originally stopped daily blogging it was because mentally and emotionally I needed to process some things and heal  before I started writing again. 

In September and October when I was silent, it was because I was basically working harder than I had ever worked in my life. I feel like I planned, directed, and officiated a 200 person black tie wedding for a megastar with very important and opinionated guests.  It was like the trial that would never end. Emotionally, it wasn’t as hard. Between my years as a human trafficking prosecutor and my husband’s murder, you will understand if I don’t worry quite as much about outcomes of anything that doesn’t involve an immeadiate life or death situation. But physically and mentally I worked harder than I have ever worked in my life, and Ive had a few big jobs in my life. 

So now it’s over and I get to breathe and think and write. Breathing is a big thing. Very often during the last month I have tuned in to realize I was not taking breaths. 

But the rest I have been looking forward to has begun. Now I can rest and breathe and observe and think and WRITE. It is luxury. Truly. 

In the midst of hard times, there can still be moments of unbelievable blessing. 

6 comments on “and breathe – slowing down and resting after work

  1. I’m so glad it went well! I’m looking forward to your updates and praying your rest is sweet!


  2. rogerholmack

    We all need a break at times. I took one to, since May. Glad you see the blessings in your hard work. Sending prayers and hugs your way.


    • I’m so glad you took a rest. It’s so good to remember what rest feels like. But I still feel like I wan to just keep resting for two years. Or at least three months.

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  3. I missed reading your post and hope your rest brings joyful strength and blessings to you and your readers.


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