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How to Survive the Clingy Stage #babywantsmama


First of all, let me start by saying, I don’t have a clue how to handle the clingy stage.
I keep getting photos with this sad puppy face when I’m gone.


This morning she held on to me so tight when I needed to leave for work.
When I’m about to walk out the door and she wakes up, I don’t know if I should go in and try to nurse her back to sleep or if I should sneak away and not let her see me leave.
I follow all the advice when I walk out of the room. I play peek-a-boo at the doorway. I sing so she can continue to hear me. In the morning, she still knows I’m leaving.
Once I get home in the afternoon, it’s completely different. We get smiles and hugs and giggles.
But the best luxury our situation affords is lunch breaks together. As you can see, lunch with mommy makes her very very happy.


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