So traveling with baby is one thing traveling without baby is a whole different ballgame.

I left at 415 in the morning to fly to DC for a morning meeting. I knew the baby might want to eat around 700, but I figured if I was a good mommy and fly up in the early, early morning, rather than spend the night in DC, all would be well. But baby girl decided to wake up at 430 to play. Wow. Her normal wake up time is closer to 10.


Up and back trips also mess up the pumping routine. Can you even take an electric breast pump through all levels of security?  How much trouble will it be to bring milk in my carry-on?  How heavy do I want this bag to be? 

I ended up buying a small handpump from and it worked fantastically. I was able to carry a small, light briefcase. BUT I forgot to factor in, exactly how hard it would be to get a free minute in a bathroom to pump.

I ended up excusing myself while waiting to board by saying, ‘excuse me Mr. Important Male Elected Official, I’m going to the restroom and won’t be back for about 15 minutes so that I can take care of feeding my baby.’

If I could just teach her what shhhhhhh means, it would be so much easier to just bring her with me.

Sure it was nice to nap on the way there, and journal for the first time in a year, on the way back. But I’ll choose to travel with baby anytime I have the chance.

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