No one with toddlers believes that this is what a toddler slumber party looks like all of the time.  I think it helps to approach a gathering of toddlers with the mindset that this is training and development.  If you think of it as purposeful play, the times when they just naturally have fun together are a welcome break.  These girls are learning to share and play together.  They are actually quite delightful together more and more frequently.

Of course, the bonus for me is that the other mother has a similar ability to focus on their child one second and continue a grown-up conversation in the next breath.  Some mothers always talk about their children (I’ve been that mother).  Some mothers forget they have children (I’ve been that mother, too.)  So it’s nice to spend time with a mother who has your current rhythm of attention to the children and adult conversation.

So time with this little girl doesn’t feel like work at all, but even though it feels like play, they are learning to listen, to share, and a lot about positive peer pressure, because peeing on the potty gets rewards.  Every now and then it gets a little too quiet and we find them feeding each other play dough, but other times we rush in to find them quietly laying on the floor playing with dolls of all sizes and species.

It is fun parenting side by side with a parent that shares your values and has no inclination to judge.

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