I used to write a lot about traveling with baby for work. A colleague asked me how I did it, and I explained that my husband stayed home with our daughter and he traveled with us. 

Now I’m a single parent. I’m not doing alone. My sister is helping me keep going. I’m still amazed at those who patent without help. It’s Zoya’s aunt who makes sure she travels in style. 

It’s not the same to travel without him, but we keep moving. I loved that my work travel gave us a chance to explore the US together. I’m glad we did all we did, but there is so much we didn’t get to do. So much he didn’t get to see.

It’s not the same, but I want to keep moving. Maybe I’ll slow down a bit during these much harder toddler years, but if I can’t show the world to Shah, at least I can show it to Zoya.  

So my current essential travel with baby/toddler needs:

  1. The ability to strap her down in a carseat, stroller, or on my back. 
  2. Plenty of time to let her run and tire out before boarding the plane. 
  3. Cute hairbows that make others happy to see a toddler.
  4. A thick skin for the grouches who are clearly pissed when they realize they are sitting beside a child. 
  5. A gracious heart when same grumpy person says how good she was after the flight. 

#4 and #5 are essential.  They have happened on my last two flights. 

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