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Renewal, Recreation, and Rest – REQUIREMENTS NOT LUXURIES

Tonight, I feel the best feeling in the world, boredom.  I don’t like being bored long.  Actually, I think until tonight I’ve always feared boredom more than just about anything.  I HATE being bored.  Okay, so boredom isn’t the best feeling in the world but today I really appreciate it.  It’s been way too long.

I’m starting my Christmas holiday a little late.  January 2nd to be exact, but better late than never.  When I made my to-do list last night, it included, rest, reading, study, and a coffee shop.  It included being deliberate about setting up times of fellowship, minutes in the sun, and most of all, to the extent I was able, renewing my mind and forgetting about work.

I’ve had two thoughts that keep slipping into my thoughts recently.

  1. We say we believe God will take care of us, or say we feel like he is failing us, while we run around and try to do it all ourselves.  We act like we have no one we can’t rely on anyone but our own hard effort.  We certainly don’t act like we are relying on God to take care of us.  Do we even give God the chance to take care of us before crisis hits?  Do you think God ever says, “I’ve been trying to show you I will take care of you.  Am I going to have to break something so I can show you?”
  2. It is the American way to believe breaks and rest are luxurious and not necessities. It is foolish and obnoxious not to realize we need rest, recreation, and rejuvenation as much as we need food and water.

I’m tired of feeling like I need to make excuses for any breaks I take.  I’m tired of trying to explain that people need rest.  I’m not of this not being something obvious in this culture.  I’m so grateful for the few who understand that we were created to need and enjoy rest.  Those who go against the culture and show by actions that they truly understand rest.  Those who show by their actions they truly trust God will provide not only for themselves, but also for others.

3 comments on “Renewal, Recreation, and Rest – REQUIREMENTS NOT LUXURIES

  1. Yes! The lack of rest is literally killing so many of us and self-care is not a luxury, but a necessity. I still have a feeling that I have to constantly occupied (I am bad at “boredom” too) but I am better about sending it on things that make me happy.


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