She asked me to come play with her several times before I finally said yes. I wanted to keep pulling weeds and listening to my book rather than join her on the trampoline. My trampoline jumping days have been over for a long time.

She wanted to play mermaids who were fighting the bad guys and somehow I managed to convince her that my lying flat on my back on the trampoline was how a mermaid swim.

I kept thinking of something a friend of mine wrote about saying yes to your children. Her theory and partial experience was that if you just gave in and said yes they would get bored of you and move on within 15 minutes. Maybe it’s because I have an only child who has no one else to play with but I have yet to experience that.

I have another friend who truly loves to play with her children, but doesn’t enjoy the teaching and training. I am the opposite.

Still, nothing feels healthier and more important than making her laugh for hours. I’m learning to recognize that spark in her eye when she truly has my attention. I’m also realizing that sometimes when she’s at her worst she really just needs a good long hug.

We will never get this time again. If I wanted to lay on the trampoline and talk to me when she’s older I have to play mermaids, dinosaurs, and bad guys while she is young.

About Camila

Based in Atlanta, but from the mountains of North Carolina. New widow of a man from Iran. Mother of one precious girl. Anti-human trafficking expert. Sister to 16 siblings (Yes, some of are adopted). Daughter of God.

1 comment on “Mommy Made a Green Choice

  1. Beautiful!!! Treasure each moment. I was the mom who didn’t like to play. I miss those days now! ❤️


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