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Toddler Eyes – She Sees Castles

Zoya went to her first huge European church building yesterday, followed by a little castle, and then two more huge churches. This one was filled with candles and she kept asking if it was the king’s birthday. Maybe she has heard me say we will be here Friday for the Dutch King’s birthday, but that will look more like a city wide orange yard sale, so for her this was probably closer to the royal princess world she has in her imagination.

She searched intently around the church for the king asking, “where is the king,” over and over again. It was adorable. She finally found him. Here.

Now she just has to learn that she is a princess, a child of the King. Our biggest prayer for her before she was born was that she would know how loved and valued she was, not only by us, but by the King of Kings. May she know she is a treasure.

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