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Recent Toddler Chatter

Watching Shrek

Z – “Judge people?” Ewww that’s gross

Leaving Rachel, Barry, and Baby BOY Kiah

Z – Someday can I have a baby girl?

Me – A real one?

Z – Yeah, one that moves and makes noises, but doesn’t talk. A girl one that has a face just like Rachel’s Kiah.

Me (Calls Rachel who tells Zoya she will have to ask God)

And before I hang up I see …

Z – (hands folding under her chin) God please can I have a girl baby with a face like Rachel’s Kiah … (starts praying quieter because I’m listening)

Listening to Hamilton

Z – Eliza is a princess. Did she get married?

Me – She married AlexanderHamilton.

Z – Did she have a girl or boy baby?

Me – She has a boy and then a girl baby.

Z – Oh, she got married two times (excited).

Listening to King George’s song from Hamilton – You’ll Be Back

KG – I will kill your friends and family to remind you of my life

Z – I don’t want him to kill my friends and family

(Mommy fail)

Me – It’s OK. He won’t. He’s just the bad guy.

Z – No, but, the song is so happy. (Song has a happy melody). But I don’t want him to kill my friends and family.

Me – It’s Ok he won’t kill anybody. He’s already dead.

Z – (completely relieved and happy) Oh! He is with God and Daddy in heaven. Did he go to be with my daddy?

Me – ummmmmmmm. I don’t know if King George is in heaven. Ummmmm ( talks about loving Jesus) Ummmmmmm, I think he said I will kiss your friends and family to remind you of my love

Z – I don’t think so. We need to listen to it again.

Me – (Sings that line a little louder than the CD the way I want the song to be)

Z – Oh. He got kind. King George is kind now. (We always talk about being kind even if others aren’t kind because then they can become kind). (Mom save).

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