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The Easy Things: What is easy for you to throw away? – Project Fewer Things Day 1

What are your easy things to throw away? Right now, mine are umbrellas, books, and pretty things that don’t have meaning.

After nearly 40 years of life it has occurred to me that I hate umbrellas. Very often even if I have one with me, I won’t use it. I would rather get wet than hold a wet object over my head. Most, if not all, of my umbrellas are going. This isn’t the Netherlands. I’m not biking 5 miles in the rain to work or walking more than 10 yards at a time. The rain between my car and a door is never enough to use the umbrella that’s been in my trunk for 8 years.

Another thing that is going easily are decorative items that don’t have meaning. I have so many that we bought together or were gifts from Iran or from each other. I’m keeping most of those. Maybe all. They won’t be in the easy list for sure. But, I don’t need the ones I bought at target for my office years ago. Those are easy wins.

Books are easy this time. I haven’t touched my massive bookcase since I stopped on books the first time I tried minimalism. I read constantly, but it’s all My grief books have all been paper books, but none of those have even made it to the bookshelf.

My plan is to keep pretty classics that Zoya can read, antiques, grief/widow books, and anything in Farsi. I’m hoping to cut it down to two shelves.

What are your easy wins?

6 comments on “The Easy Things: What is easy for you to throw away? – Project Fewer Things Day 1

  1. My things are old decorations…if I took them down it was for a reason and the chances of using them again are slim to none. I cannot think of a single move or cleanse when I opened a box of old decorations and thought “Jackpot”. Usually it is more like “why the heck did I keep this”. So now they go out right away!


    • Haha. And some of the things I should give away are things I took when you were throwing them away in Vinings. Come to think of it they are mostly the things I left in the box when we decorated last night.


  2. Cindy Gibson Cope

    Well, since I recently moved, I got rid of a lot. Nothing of particular value, however books that I never read as a child (that were always at my moms) I wouldn’t let her get rid of so I took them years ago. I am going to purge, they will be donated very soon. I wish I’d done this years ago. The only sentimental value they have is simply the memory of seeing them on the book shelf, but they were never read.


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