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The Best Laid Plans

This week did not go as planned. This week has been hard.

I had this idea I’d get a secret jumpstart on drastic minimizing for the blog, while taking Zoya to a few Christmas Holiday events and buying a Christmas tree. Basically I failed to accomplish any of it. Work and sickness took over our lives.

I got sick. Zoya got sick. GivingTuesday happened. We had to take an unplanned trip back to NC for a night.

I have too many jobs, too many responsibilities, and wear too many hats. I know I’m not the only one. Maybe simplifying my life will require more than just ridding myself of the things I own.

Work has been insane. It didn’t really let up after the gala. Anyone who has ever run a non-profit knows it will try to take over your life. But it can’t keep on like this and so this and Project Fewer Things starts tomorrow.

My first goal is just the living room. Before I add Christmas decorations I want to get everything out of the living room that doesn’t belong while boxing to give away anything I can. I know eventually I’m going to have to make some hard choices and get rid of so many more things. But I need to start off easy this week so I’m just getting rid of the things that I can do quickly.

Some of the things that will be easy for me are a little sad. I no longer need the book Power of a Praying Wife. That hurts, but it’s easy to let go.

More and Less wasn’t nearly as hard. Shouldn’t a book that motivates you to let things go be easy to let go. I love this book. It isn’t really about minimalism. It is much more outward focused and giving focus and generosity focused. But it was the first book that really introduced me to how much excess I have and I also loved it because it was all about numbers. It had me count my tank tops and give a certain percentage away. I love numbers.

Lifestyle wise this book only brought temporary change, but it’s intent wasn’t really minimalism. Marie Kondo’s book brought me more lasting change but I only got through clothes before I went back to work from maternity leave and never got back on the bandwagon.

But during this season, rather than just focusing on getting rid of what we have, so we can be less owned by our stuff, can we be additionally motivated by generosity. I don’t mean burdening someone else with your junk. When it comes to getting rid of the harder things, expensive things, the nice things, can we begin to develop a love of giving more than receiving?

Honestly, right now my prime motivation is the freedom from all the stuff. Also, I don’t want to burden anyone with the things I want. One man’s junk isn’t always another man’s treasure. But as an occasional online shopaholic who has gone through seasons of shopping for entertainment, how can I begin to more broadly shift my focus outward towards helping others during this Project Fewer Things?

2 comments on “The Best Laid Plans

  1. If you haven’t gotten rid of More or Less yet, I’d be happy to take it off your hands 😛 I could definitely benefit from counting my tank tops and giving a certain percentage away.


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