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Weekend of Purpose – Healing, Restoring, and Refreshing


He is standing at the door, wanting to come into our lives, our weekend.

I am tired and have nothing left, but I don’t want to loose this weekend. I almost started to panic in a rush to figure out how to make this weekend special. This weekend, the only Memorial Day holiday we will ever have when our first born is one years old.

But striving to be restored is not the answer.

This verse is the answer. I just need to open the door and dine with Him. I had a very providential meeting with a lovely woman in the grocery store. We work in the same arena. We were just talking about her book and mission to help the church address sex and porn. I’m not sure what exactly she said, but the Spirit inside her ministered to me and almost brought tears to my eyes, right there in the store.

I know God arranged that meeting and it was the start I so desperately needed.

Don’t let this weekend disappear. At the end of the weekend, know that God has been at work healing, restoring and refreshing.

2 comments on “Weekend of Purpose – Healing, Restoring, and Refreshing

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