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Things that are Bad for Us

Why do we do things that are bad for us?

My mom has always warned us that addiction runs in our genes.  I’m actually not sure who she is talking about.  I assume she is talking about relatives that I don’t know, maybe adults who surrounded her when she was a child.

I’ve never been tempted by any addictions that require ingestion.  I didn’t even drink coffee until the last six months.  Nothing is attractive about smoking except that you get to go outside every now and then.  I could go forever without a drink and not even notice it.


Put a simple computer puzzle in front of me, and good bye job, husband, child, friends, sleep.

I cannot be moderate.  I have never been able to be moderate.

Real video games do not interest me.  I don’t even want to touch the controls.

But Sudoku, Cryptograms, Solitaire, Free-cell, and now Mah Jong, kill me.

I play til I’m nauseous and then I play some more.  I skip lunch and breaks and play some more.  I stay late at work, just one game and then I’ll leave.  Baby, don’t bump your head.  Uhuh, uhuh, yes honey, whatever you just said.  My eyes will barely stay open.  Just one more game.  I need the full three stars.  I must play again.  Blog, smog, I have nothing to write.  I must match the tiles, all the tiles.  Fast.

Occasionally, I download a game and play for weeks.  I try to play less, but really am not free until it is deleted.  Once my Jawbone has been with me a little longer, I will know when I have game on my phone by my sleep schedule.



3 comments on “Things that are Bad for Us

  1. It could be worse. It could be Pinterest. Just one more pin. Feel your pain.


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