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Toddler Language Development Fun

Toddler language development is facinating me right now. There are no other adults in our house, so I am not distracted by pesky adult conversations. I’m free to devote all of my attention to toddler talk. 

I’m a very passive actor in all this. This certainly isn’t a post about how I’m developing her language. I’m just an observer. 

I notice that she will pick up a new word and practice it. Last night she keep trying out both upsie daisy and uh-oh spaghetti. She never added an Oh to spaghetti, but she seemed to used them right. Although I’m sure sure what was going on when she was talking in her sleep. 

Last weekend her word was probably. It’s like she must have found it on a word of the day challenge.

She was trying to carry her potty down the stairs (just two half stairs), because she does everything herself. She told me as she tried to maneuver that she was, “strong enough probably.”  When she finally brought it to me and was sitting on it I tried to film her saying it, so I asked are you strong enough probably?  She said, “No mama, not probably. Strong enough.”  Oops. She was right. She was strong enough to carry down the stairs. She proved it. 

And then there is those monkeys jumping on the bed. She loves to sing it and loves to act it out with her monkey. But this time she was jumping on the couch and I said I didn’t want her to fall off and bump her head. So she responded, “It’s okay mama. If I bump my head I can probably stand up easily probably.”  

My mom and sisters are constantly getting texts about her language development and now lucky you probably. I’m sharing my entertainment. 

1 comment on “Toddler Language Development Fun

  1. Well, I love it. I Remember those days of new words. Yes, record her talking. I have my kiddos on tape and its so cute. Can’t wait to hear other phrases.


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