Pray for …

Pray for us.

I don’t know how to do tomorrow. It will be her 2nd birthday and he is not here. That is not right. We are surrounded by couples with children, children with daddies, children with daddies who can still hold them tight.

We don’t know how to do tomorrow. We don’t know if this waive of grief will pass or if we will still be burried deep when morning comes.

You see, it is a “we,” it’s not just me.

So many others are buried in grief, not knowing what the next day will bring. Shock, contentment, joy, distraction, peace, hope, strength, or weakness. Will it be a special day of hope and joy, or will they break apart unable to go further?

Pray for us; the widows, the widowers, the orphans, and those who have lost their children. Will tomorrow be another step stronger or the day we can’t do it any longer?

2 comments on “Pray for …

  1. Marsha Lessard

    Happy birthday sweet girl…love you momma


  2. Happy second birthday sweet baby Zoya! You and mama can do this together! Prayers for a good day!


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