Thank you all for your continued prayers. It was a very hard day for me and Shah’s parents, but I am feeling a calm in the waves of grief tonight. 

Zoya’s 2nd birthday was a wonderful success. From the birthday song sung by 100s of people, to the break in the storm so she could play in the pool and river, to the umbrella someone let us borrow, to all the people saying happy birthday all day long, to the birthday crown, … thank you all, Zoya had a very good day.

She was delightful and funny and totally understands a birthday party. Tomorrow we will let her blow out a candle and give her some presents when we get home, but she had a wonderful day. 

1 comment on “Birthday Success

  1. rogerholmack

    Happy birthday Zoya. She’s so beautiful and wonderful. Thank you for sharing her with us. Hugs and prayers to you.


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