This is not just any orchid to me. It’s a miracle orchid. I am terrible at growing things. I can’t keep anything alive. I was given this orchid after speaking at a human trafficking event. I brought it home and Shah kept it alive. I either underwatered or overwatered it, a few times until he told me to leave it alone. It bloomed forever. And then, right after he died, it died. One more loss for me. 

I don’t know anything about orchids, I don’t know how long they are supposed to last and didn’t know they can grow again. But I didn’t throw it away, because I’m not throwing anything away. And I randomly put water in the dirt to keep those green leaves alive. And then suddenly 8-10 months later it threw up this other stem. And then buds. And then… flowers have returned. I have no idea what I’m doing or what worked about my randomly dumping my leftover glass of water in the pot. 

But this flower brings me joy. 

1 comment on “New Life from an Orchid

  1. I was so happy to read this today! Flowers returning are assurance of new life, new beginnings and we are not forgotten. You are loved❤️


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