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Election Day – Non-Political Post

I’m not going to say anything about the candidates or the election.  I really hate talking about politics.  It’s not that I don’t care.  I care too much to make it a pleasant conversation.

My husband loved talking about politics.  He found it interesting and he also knew that ultimately, God was in control regardless of who won any election.  So he didn’t get emotional or angry about anything that was said.

Politics are hard for me, because I like to see everything and black and white, good and evil, but most choices really are bad vs worse.  I think the reason so many people justify a candidate’s actions is because they know one person is bad so they feel compelled to make the other person good.

Of course in this season, my priorities have been rocked to their very core.  This is my season grieve and thinking about little more than my family and loved ones.

Yes, I vote.  I do believe in wisely voting for better over worse.  There are issues that are very important to me, valuing and protecting human life at every stage has always been most important to me, and that has only increased with the murder of my husband by a random act of violence.  But I know, that is primarily a hearts and minds issue and not one that will be won or lost or even advanced very much on a Tuesday in November.

All that being said, we were so looking forward to Election Day, or really this weekend.

Early on, we made a bet.  We each chose a candidate, and whoever won the bet (which was not necessarily our personal choice), got whatever they wanted for a day.  Think birthday on steroids.

So I will be watching the election to see who wins, me or my husband.  And then, I’ll figure out how to celebrate, either with what would be his choice of a day, or my choice.

And I’ll continue to pray, because God will still be on the throne.

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