Somethings in life are still delightful and they pretty much center around this little girl.  God and Shah gave me the greatest gift of my life, this silly little girl.
She is a totally night owl. She goes to sleep anytime between 9 and midnight and then sleeps in until about 11. She will wake up a few times before then and fuss and go back to sleep and then finally she wakes up happy as a lark and is awake for good.
She loves the water. She likes the bath, the little pool, the big pool, the splash pad, and the hose. Most days she gets to play in at least two of these five things, often more.
She learns so fast. A friend showed her how to put pumpkin seeds on her toy picnic plate and the next day she spent hours putting  Cheerios in plates and bowls.


She has several words: mama, baba, daddy, ball, balloon, bye bye, Hi There, joojoo (chicken in farsi, but she uses it for all birds)  She still seems to understand farsi a little better than English, but barely. I know those days are numbered. She is now around English more than Farsi though I’m still trying.
I love her so much.
She laughs and tickles and kisses so much, especially when we get in bed and she is supposed to be falling asleep. But I don’t blame her. She stayed in bed playing with her daddy most of the day. When I was at work they hung out in the bedroom more than the living room. It’s her happy place and I’m so glad we get to share it.
She does the funniest thing right before she falls asleep. Maybe someday I’ll capture it on a video. She stops nursing and starts to roll, and she rolls, and she sits up, and she flops down, and she stands up, and she flops down, and she rolls, all with her eyes closed and a slight smile on her face. She is like a moving rag doll, but her eyes are closed the whole time. I always just pull her back in to sleep and eventually, after a time or two, she just does a half roll away from me, towards his side of the bed like she has always done, and goes to sleep.
I love.

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