How He Would Respond – Confidence, Faith, and Hope


My beauty has her daddy’s spirit, she doesn’t get fazed when she gets knocked down.


I was crying this afternoon wondering why time after time, when things start to look up, we’d get knocked down again. Tear gas, major expenses, car troubles, job loss. For two years it is felt like every time things started to look up, something bad would happen.

Then this evil came that rocked our world and makes everything pale in comparison. And it came at a time when things were really looking up. He was so excited about moving forward, starting his business, going to school, everything, life.

And then I remembered all the other times we thought things were moving forward and a crash came. Everytime that happened, he encouraged me that God would provide, that he had good plans in store for our future. Everytime we grew stronger. My screen saver is a kiss he gave me when he was comforting me and encouraging me after one of these losses.

Suddenly, I saw things from another perspective. Suddenly, I  found myself grateful that this is not the first time I’ve gone through this. Though the other things were a mere shadow of my current loss, still I know sure as anything how Shah would want me to respond.

He would want me to respond with the same hope for the future, trust in God, and love for him and Zoya. It’s how he responded. It’s what he taught me. And with God’s help, I will.  

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