Moments of Beauty. Tears of Peace.

We had some moments of beauty today. This morning Zoya put this Lego flower behind my ear. Her daddy was always putting flowers behind our ears. I’ve never done that. She learned it from him.


A butterfly came and landed on my wrist. There is no better example in nature of life after death than the butterfly.


Zoya got to play and wear the sun hat that was one of the last things her daddy made sure we bought for her.


I had my own time of beauty as well. After a disturbing dream, followed by waking up to realize he really was gone, I started crying on my pillow. Suddenly, I felt like he was standing above me and that he cried two beach ball size tears that entered my heart and filled my whole being with warmth. I realized that I was probably God and not him, but as someone said, he’s been the hands and feet of Jesus to me for three years, it’s OK if I get them confused right now.  After all, we are hidden with Christ in God.  I then fell asleep in perfect peace.

1 comment on “Moments of Beauty. Tears of Peace.

  1. Continuous prayers for you and your sweet baby girl.


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