No amount of rest,


delicious meals,


family time,

running and healthy meals, 20160530_201751.jpganniversary dinners,img_20160529_205821.jpg

cute clothes and shopping,

new games,


quiet places,


nor even sun and bubbles,20160529_133622.jpgimg_4311.jpg

can completely heal the tired soul.

We can get so weary from the evil in the world.  There is so much strife, death, abuse, sickness, and evil.  Some of us can avoid it, but those in certain professions, law enforcement, therapists, social workers, see it constantly.  It wearies and deadens the soul.

Clearly, we had a wonderful weekend, but goodness alone, cannot fully heal the deep soul wounds.  Sometimes those who talk about self-care convince us that if we just take time to smell the roses, work out, eat well, and get in the sun; that we will be well.  That theory is really based on a humanist mindset that believes we can do it all ourselves, that we can heal ourselves.

The recovery and restoration of the soul takes God’s work as certain as physical disease.  We can help, but ultimately it is our Creator who can truly heal.

So this three day weekend, as perfect as it was, was not the magic bullet to solve the exhaustion of my soul.  I know I need more soul food, more scripture, more worship, more fellowship; but ultimately healing comes from God.

But I am greatly encouraged.  He has promised to restore.

4 comments on “Recovery in Progress

  1. thesmilingpilgrim

    Super cute 🙂


  2. This blog post is a perfect representation of Truth. May the Lord heal your soul. The nearness of God is my good. Psalm 73.


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