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Fakebooking and Sharing Blessings –


I am loving this time of year. The weather was so perfect that just sitting outside for 30 minutes as the sun set felt like a vacation.
I love that our phones have cameras. I know there is a danger of being stuck behind the lens and not living in the moment. But like most tools, cameras  can be good and bad. I think they often help us see beauty that we would otherwise miss.
Some people talk about fakebooking, when people pretend their lives are perfect on Facebook and I assume their is an equivalent term for over filtered photos and photos where the junk is all cropped out. I’m talking about those photos where it looks like I’m relaxing in a hammock, enjoying a perfect yard, but really the weeds come up to just inches below the hammock, just out of the photo’s frame.
I’ve heard criticism about fakebooking and the fake photos, but I don’t think what looks “fake”, is always so bad. Certainly, faking it to impress others is an act of futility. You probably won’t succeed and if you do, have you really gained anything? 
This world has so much negative and darkness. If people want to use Facebook and social media to point out the beauty and the positive, so be it.
If I’m your close friend, I expect you to tell me the good, the bad, and the ugly; and I plan to do the same. But if you choose to only put what you are grateful for each day on Facebook, I am going to applaud you, not judge your sincerity.
That is not to say that those that open up and share their pain on Facebook are wrong. I have a Facebook friend so is being honest about her struggles with chemo right now and she is such an encouragement to me because she is so real and so strong and so devoted to her family. And others may be, what some deem as “oversharing” because they don’t have others around them and this is the closest they have to a community. Don’t judge them.


I say all this in a tangential response to someone telling me my blog makes me appear to really have this mother thing down pat. I feel like I need to write a disclaimer.
So much of what I write is preaching to myself, or recording what I am learning so that I have some chance of remembering it. I am pretty bat-shit-crazy. I throw temper tantrums, I get very lazy one minute and very judgy of laziness the next. I’ve wasted tons of time this week play maj jong and watching 3rd Rock from the Sun.
Maybe I should try to remember to share a little more of the craziness. (And even calling it craziness rather than saying my selfish wickedness is trivailizing it.)  But the purpose of this blog is to chronical the journey and God’s faithful provisions, the fact that He acts despite my screw-ups should be a given.

2 comments on “Fakebooking and Sharing Blessings –

  1. Great post. Thanks for sharing. Loved the term fake booking. So much truth in that term.


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