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Under the Weather – Not Planning, But Blessed


After a totally successful, generally planned weekend last weekend, this weekend I was sick. Thursday I woke up with the worst sore throat that I can remember and it lasted til Saturday morning. It felt like I was swallowing razor blades. I actually went to Walgreens Clinic to the have it checked and took off half the day on Friday.

I hate taking off work when I’m sick, but not able to sleep, because if you are going to be awake and miserable, you might as well not be burning leave time. I consider this to be a healthy view, because I used to be so burned out at my job and be so bad about taking sick leave that I would get excited if I threw up twice in one night because then I could justify skipping work.

Baby steps to good mental health.

So I couldn’t follow up last weekend with another successful vaguely planned weekend, because I didn’t know when I would be healthy enough to do something. Friday, I did the forbidden and put a cartoon on TV in hopes that baby would watch it and I could rest.


She ended up disinterested after five minutes, but Home held my attention til the end. It’s Sheldon from Big Bang Theory as an alien. What’s not to like?

Saturday I was healthy enough to get out, run and buy some plants, but not healthy enough to see people.

Sunday, I was all systems go, and baby and I met up with friends to go to the Inman Park Festival, which is what I had hoped to do all along.


It was a blessed weekend. But without a doubt, that period yesterday, when I wrote the post about contentment, between sickness and health, when I was well enough to rest, but not so well that I could go, go, go, was when I could finally start to HEAR.

This life, it isn’t about enjoyment. It isn’t about activities. It isn’t about the creation. It’s about the creator. Everything, everything, every little thing, needs to point back to the Creator and draw us closer to Him. Art. Exercise. Food. Serving. Shopping. Do you have an attitude of gratefulness for His provision or greediness and insecurity?

Blessings abound.

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