How Can it Bring Me Closer to Him?


For I determined to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ and him Crucified. 1 Corinthians 2:2.

I think it is fitting that randomly reading a short devotional by John Piper would lead me to this verse that I know that he loves so much, even though I don’t think this verse was mentioned at all in the 5 day devotional.

I read the devotional on that I now realize must contain excerpts from his new book Living in the Light: Sex, Money, and Power and it prompted me to jot down a few of my thoughts Saturday night.

I think the theme, at least of the excerpts in the devotional, or at least the idea that spoke most directly to me, was that we so often try to fill our needs with the creation and not the Creator.  We make gods of things, because we don’t recognize the simple, powerful, worthy, glory of the Creator.

This was all still on my mind, or at least blogging brought it back to my mind, and it was why my train of thought post about planning weekends, not planning weekends, being sick, and enjoying life; led to my writing about what was truly important.

It is really all about Christ.  It’s all about the Creator.

I’ve never really understood this verse, except that I don’t think it is about only preaching Jesus died to save you and rose from the dead every Sunday, to the exclusion of all the other truths the Bible teaches.

I still don’t understand this verse all the way, but I feel like I have been given a small glimmer of enlightenment.  It is all about knowing Christ.

I think I need to begin to see everything I do, think, and write about through this lens.  How can it help me know Him more?  How can it bring me closer to Him?

Just about anything can help me know Him more, but does it?  Is my mind fixed on knowing him?

Blogging.  It can just be words.  It can be entertainment.  It can be to be known. OR it can help me be purposeful in remembering to listen to what He is saying and to be trusting and thankful that He is providing.

Planned Activity on Weekends.  It can be distracting.  It can be entertaining.  It can be to show off. OR it can help me fully use the time He gave me, to enjoy His creation and give thanks, to spend time with friends and family who are gifts from Him or. . .

Running.  It can be an addiction.  I can boost your pride.  It can bring you respect.  It can help you forget.  OR it can be a gift for which you are grateful and a balm for which your praise or a time you talk to Him or…

Work. Strangely, THIS may be the area I’ve seen this lens least of all.  I’ve thought of work as something I do to serve Him, but not something that can help me KNOW HIM.

Tomorrow, can it all be about knowing Him, His glory, power, love, wonder, majesty, mercy, kindness . . .

There are so many ellipses in posts like this because the lists could go on and on and on and on and . . .


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