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Book Review – What the Most Successful People Do on the Weekends – My three day weekend

For most people, there are 60 hours between the time you leave work Friday til the time your alarm goes off on Monday.  That is really a good portion of a 168 hour week.

This is all according to math, and the book by Laura Vanderkam What the Most Successful People Do on the Weekends, which is the book I just finished and was referring to in my post about the different ways my husband and I travel Day 6 – Golden Gate Park – Highway 1 – Oakland #travelwithbaby or really live life.

It’s easy to recommend this book, because she thinks the same way I do.  She even wrote a book about mornings, What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast and admits to generally not followings its advice, not liking mornings and having written it at night.

The book or really her books are all about getting the most out of your time, prioritizing, and matching your best hours with your most important projects, even if they aren’t the most time sensitive.

We’ll see how it works in practice.  I really want to try to use my mornings at work for bigger projects and answer all the emails later in the day.  Right now, I’m still trying to figure out what bigger projects I want to tackle, which is a good exercise in and of itself.

The main advise for weekends is to set some goals.  Not to-do list cleaning goals, but bucket list goals like going to the park or having a picnic.  When she states the number of weekends you will probably have in your life, it is alarmingly short.  I’m a planner.  Half or more than half of my enjoyment of an activity is the anticipation.  I can peruse airbnb for hours and dream about staying in all sorts of places.

I’m in the middle of a three day weekend.  I had some goals.  I went to Franklin, NC, to see family.  IMG_9267.JPG

Today, we went out to eat, which we are much better at making a special event than I used to be.

Tomorrow my goal is to find ducks, to feed ducks, and to be outside.  Maybe I’ll achieve the goal, maybe I won’t.  But I don’t want to let the weekend pass without something to remember.IMG_3993

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