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Making Eating Out a Special Event


Before I got married I ate out all the time. If you total lunches and dinners, I probably ate out at least 10 times a week. For a single person, it often is cheaper to eat out, and I always drank water and ordered one of the cheaper things on the menu.

When we started modifying our budget as a couple, it was our restaurant budget that was attacked the most. I saw dinner out as a practical necessity, you are at work, you are on your way to a meeting, you are spending time with friends; my husband saw eating out as a special event.

If you know us, you know this had nothing to do with our general money habits. I tend to be very trifty to the point of miersly and he tends to be much more balanced. I just saw a restaurant as the primary place for subsidence and he saw the home and the stove is a place to get our meals.

Of all the compromises we have made and all the things he has taught me, this may be my favorite.

We grocery shop, we take turns cooking, we eat at home, I bring my lunch to work most of the time, and then occasionally we go out to eat and it’s special. We get drinks, appetizers, and sometimes desert.

It has changed a night out from a lazy Sunday where you don’t feel like cooking, to a special fun celebration of life.

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