Fitness for Nerds

I got a pedometer and I LOVE it!  It is an UP24 Jawbone.  Really, it is very little more than a pedometer.  I’ve wanted one for a while, but it wasn’t quite in the budget.  I spend money on random things and other things I just can’t seem to take the plunge, and admittedly, it is pretty random what I decide to be thrifty about and what I purchase without thought.

But that is a rabbit trail.

Someone found a Jawbone and gave it to someone who gave it to someone who gave it to me.  I bought a $5 charger and I was off and running, well more walking, bouncing, waddling, and hopping.

I should have known it would be life changing.  I suddenly have an unprecedented amount of energy.  I’ve only sat and held Zoya for months now, but now that seems like such a waste of time, and I walk around bouncing her anytime she wants to be held.  I used to lie around after work and recover, now I look for chores to do that require walking from room to room.

I should have known this would get me moving.  I accidentally started running because someone gave me a heart-rate monitor.  Really, it was a total accident.  I was walking and trying to keep my heart-rate in my chosen zone and over time I had to run more and more of the walk to keep it in the zone, until one day, someone told me I was running.

The only way I’ve ever lost weight was to get on the scale every day.  It’s not because it makes me pay attention to my weight.  I just like numbers.  I totally forget about getting thinner, I just focus on making numbers change.  I love numbers.

So while I haven’t been able to motive myself to get up and exercise, or really cared  that I haven’t lost any weight since the baby was 6 weeks old, suddenly, I have a huge burst of energy and I do it all for the numbers, the steps, each day.  Of course, that’s because the more you move, the more energy you have, so suddenly, I’m stuck with gobs of energy and I’m not complaining.


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Based in Atlanta, but from the mountains of North Carolina. New widow of a man from Iran. Mother of one precious girl. Anti-human trafficking expert. Sister to 16 siblings (Yes, some of are adopted). Daughter of God.

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