Spring is coming. I can feel it in the air. The winter, that I used to dread, was entirely bearable. I’m glad that I decided to embrace the coziness of winter this year, and rest during the dark hours. Because I’m filled with extra excitement and energy now, as I embrace the coming spring.
Living in the moment and bring present in winter, for the first time in years, had helped me more fully appreciate the warmth of coming spring. In just a few short weeks, we will return to normal time and there will be sun for walks for hours after work.
I’m sure there is a parallel in their somewhere to the observance of Lent and Easter. I’m generally opposed to living in darkness and focusing on death for 40 days each year before Easter. I tried it a time or two, and first thought due to the darkness of my job it wasn’t good for me to spend that long in Lent, but more and more, I really don’t think most people should spend that much time each year not living in the freedom and redemption of Easter.
I do love celebrating the seasons of the the church calendar: Lent, Advent, Epiphany and a full 50 day Easter.
There is something about paying attention to a church calendar, keeps you in the moment, just like paying attention to the months and season.
Spring is dawning. It isn’t quite here yet.  But soon, we will celebrate the beauty of SPRING, new life, beauty, and light.
I am brimming with excitement. I love this time of year.

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