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Embracing the Season – Racing the Sun


I’ve mentioned before that the last few years I haven’t been able to enjoy fall because fall meant winter was coming and and winter means I never get to see the sun or anything green because in fall everything dies.
But this year,  as I’ve attempted to enjoy and embrace the moment, I’ve been able to enjoy the beauty of fall without going in to mourning. And that has led to seeing some positives in the coming winter.
1. It’s cozy. Nothing is as conducive to candles and hot tea as dark winter nights.
2. I don’t battle feeling like we are missing anything when we stay home nearly every single night with baby.
3. I have more opportunities to see the sunrise and sunsets.
4. Winter is so short. I’ve checked. The time goes back in the middle of February. So in just two and a half months, I will be able to go for a walk or run after work and will have daylight.
5. When I do have an excuse to get home about 45 minutes early, we can race the sun and try to get our walk in before it sets.


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