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Something Worth Sharing Rory+ Joey

In a time where Facebook, politics and the news can all overwhelm, and it’s hard to find light in the darkness, following the journey of this beautiful family, has brought me hope and in their lives I’ve seen light.

I don’t listen to a lot of Christian music, and I don’t watch music channels or Christian channels, but one day I was channel surfing and I stopped on this beautiful couple singing beautiful music.  I also don’t like bluegrass or gospel, but this was both.  I think it was the Bill Gaither Music Hour.  Nothing could be further from my style, but I liked this so much that I looked them up, googled them, and listened to a bit of their music.

I didn’t hear of them again until this fall when Facebook started sharing that Joey, the wife, had gone to home to finish her last days.  She was dying of cancer, not expected to live until November.  They dreamed of a miracle of her making it until February and her daughter’s second birthday.  But even having her at Christmas seemed like a near impossibility.

At first, I just followed updates as I saw them on Facebook, but recently, I’ve started following their blog more closely.  Rory, is sharing their journey and chronicling their last precious memories in This Life I Live.

She made it to her daughter’s birthday, and to see the Grammy’s where they had their first nomination, and to Valentine’s day.  Her story and her heart are beautiful.  They are painting another picture of death, one where death leads to everlasting bright light.


Yesterday, I read that their CD HYMNS That Are Important to Us was topping the charts, so this morning I got to sit for a while and just listen.  The hope and glory of those words, brought light and joy.  There really is somethign about the depth and truth of some of those old Hymns.  Plus, it has a bonus song a dying woman sings to her husband that they actually did a few years ago, that will bring you to tears.

Unplug from the busyness and darkness for a while and read something worth reading.

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