I miss taking weekly photos of Zoya with her age in weeks. We stopped at half a year. That seemed like a good place. But I miss it.
Now she is growing more slowly but changing so fast. With the craziness at work, I will never remember these milestones if I don’t write them down.
We haven’t used the carrier much but used it facing out for the first time as we walked after work tonight. She LOVED it!
She is crawling. I’ll have to admit it. I kept expecting her to zoom around, but she never seems in much of a hurry. But certainly, when it suits, she straight up crawls. More often though she finds a toy to push and so while she is on her hands and knees, her arms don’t really move. Other times she still just swims with her arms and kicks with her feet.
She can now quack at the duck and daddy said she noticed the duck in the book is the same as the duck in her mouth. Yes, my child who would never take a pacifier, always wants a rubber duck in her mouth.
“Hi, there” is still her favorite thing and she waves to people who don’t pay her attention. She doesn’t bother with those who say hi to her first.
She slept last night. She slept from about 9 to 9. She must have known I was complaining.
Her favorite thing to do though is stand. She’s learned to sit back down by bending at the waist and landing on her butt. But she wants to stand on everything. She doesn’t have a good concept of space so she thinks if she can use a table or daddy’s side to stand up, she should be able to use a pillow or a doll. She can actually get to her feet from the middle of the floor and lift her hands a bit, but she can’t straighten her back and stand all the way without falling over.
She isn’t around other children very much. All the people in her life stand, so she really seems quite disinterested in getting around any other way.

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