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Start Strong, Finish Stronger or TGIF

I read this #mondaymotivation on Monday and felt completely discouraged. I’ve been in start strong, crawl over the finish line mode.

I suppose pacing oneself is something to aim for, but it’s legislative session in Georgia and I have a 9 month old I’d rather be cuddling.
The only thing I like about that statement is that it has made me look at the week as a whole, and it has been pretty awesome.
Of course, whatever is so attractive in this bedside box, kept us up a few nights, but she is sleeping like an angel right now.


My husband cooked some amazing meals. Salmon and steak on consecutive nights.



I got to meet with an Armenia delegation of higher-ups from their national prosecutorial and law enforcement agencies. Talking about the difference and similarities in our systems fed my love of comparative law.



And then what I thought would be a boring hotdogs dinner, got fun, fancy and foodie, when we added homemade (grandpa) chili sauce, homemade (husband) yogurt, carrot and pickles, and put them on homemade (me) Persian bread.



Zoya has been super fun, learning something new each day. Yesterday when she didn’t want her diaper changed she suddenly burst out with na, na, na, na, na; which is exactly what her daddy tells her No. O boy


She was much more accommodating when given hummus.

She is starting this Friday strong.

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