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The No-Cry Sleep Solution – Sleep Training Update

So I bought the No-Cry Sleep Solution book, Audible version of course, and at first it worked fantastically.  Zoya and I listened to about an hour of it while walking and she started sleeping better, long stretching in her bed, and as always, going back to sleep very quickly after awakening.

But after about a week she decided she didn’t like the method, and started waking up every hour again, so I finished reading the book and decided to employ some of the methods.  We established a routine.  Bed with sleep toy, then up and diaper, bag, and then nursing and then Shah walked her until she fell asleep.  Immediately, she started sleeping for longer stretches again and as always, when she did awake, she easily and quickly went back to sleep.

And then she got sick.  We had to stay awake with her all night and definitely let her sleep in our bed again.  But once she got better, the true sleep training began in earnest, and I must say, it has been a complete success.  In the matter of just a few short weeks, by making sure to scream within moments of being put in her bed, she has managed to train us to sleep with her in our bed, nearly all night long.  We are still fighting one last battle.  We are still struggling to at least get her in her bed for a few minutes while we initially fall asleep, but once that happens the training has completely worked and she gets to spend the rest of the time with us.

Moral of the story.  Don’t let your babies listen to sleep training books.

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