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2016 Theme – Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus


I don’t know what the year will bring, but I know this is what is going to carry me through.

I’m not ready for tomorrow. Today was an exhausting day of sorting through boxes from my mom’s attic, putting away Christmas decorations, and of cleaning. I want another day to prepare for 2016. I want time to slow down.

It’s official. The New Year Holiday is my favorite. It’s not chaotic and it has almost no traditions. I don’t have any great New Years memories, but it is a time that I slow down, savor the moment, and spend “lots” of time in contemplation. (Of course, “lots” is relative now that I have a husband and baby.)  What is left of my analytical childhood soul, that is not slammed with the busyness of American adult life, craves New Years Holiday.

One year I was determined to start each month with this same sense of deliberateness. Maybe I’ll do that this year.

My goals for this year are fairly sparse. The chalkboard is nearly empty, besides two prayers that will need miracles to happen. I don’t know what this year will bring and so I’m leaving lots of wiggle room. Sure I’d love to get flexible and do splits again or put hardwood floors in our room or hike more often, but I’m not sure what lies ahead so staying present and developing and intamacy with Jesus (as my pastor talked about today) seems much more important.

If I were to make a “real” resolution, one of those non-spiritual, surface, and yet life changing, destined to fail resolution, it should be to avoid at all costs. But we will see how that goes.

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