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Baby Nursery is not Baby Reality

After a rather frustrating day with a baby that never wanted to be set down, ran to her room to grab some wipes and was greeted by this beautiful serene sight.


Isn’t that just the most ideal peaceful baby scene?  But this is our reality.


The baby is still sleeping right beside me in the pack n play. And recently she has been waking up every 2 hours to eat until I leave for work and then she sleep about 5 hours straight.

I would love to be blogging about how beautiful yesterday was with the time waiting for her to wake up, and the awesome weather, and my run, and all the things daddy got done, and all the time with baby; but the truth is I was on edge all day yesterday.  I should be writing that this reality photo of a silly baby and a husband that changes diapers is pretty get as well.  But I am tired and I want a break. I want more than five minutes alone in my own room. I want at least five minutes alone with daddy.  I want a date night I want at least five hours of sleep.

I love having that beautiful room. It jolts me in to realizing what a special time this is. It helps me remember all I dreamed and hoped this would be. It makes me grateful for this time.

So I’m about ready to take a step towards life in that beautiful room.
We had said that we would move her to her own room in the spring, but looking at these two pictures and remembering how awesome those few minutes of alone time were the other day, I think we need to have a serious conversation about moving her to her room sooner, rather than later.

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