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Independent Toddler Stage

So just after her 2nd birthday we started a very independent stage. I’m both proud of her, hopeful I won’tContinue Reading

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Family after Someone Dies

My husband died right after my now two year old turned one and yet he is as much a partContinue Reading

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Remember What We Are Fighting For

It’s appropriate, minutes before Memorial Day to entitle my post Remember What We Are Fighting For, but I wasn’t reallyContinue Reading

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His Birthday Weekend

His birthday weekend has passed. I think what I can say about this hard milestone weekends, his birthday, baby girl’sContinue Reading

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Mother’s Day is Not a Simple Day

I think this time of year will always be an emotional one. It’s my baby’s birthday and Mother’s day. It’sContinue Reading

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It’s Great to Plan, But… Proverbs 16

It’s no surprise that after I spend two days posting about planning, first in a book review and then inContinue Reading

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Special Days – We Got Valentine’s Day Right This Year

I like special days. I think taking time to celebrate helps us savor the time and be in the moment.Continue Reading

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Part Three – Meeting, Tear Gas and Engagement.

So to continue the re-telling of our story, this is the part from when we first met in person atContinue Reading

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Neatness Can Be Taught

I’m not one who is naturally a neat, tidy, organized person. I’m clean. Clean bathroom. Clean sheets. But I’m notContinue Reading