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Special Days – We Got Valentine’s Day Right This Year


I like special days. I think taking time to celebrate helps us savor the time and be in the moment.
My husband and I have anniversaries for just about everything so we can stop and appreciate each other all year long.
However, we don’t always get the ‘how’ right. Gifts, cards, text, dinner, trip?  I feel like we are still adjusting how we most want to celebrate and what matters to us as a couple and as individuals. 
But this year I feel like we got Valentine’s Day right. I’ve been afraid to say, don’t get me a gift, because even though I’m not really a gift person in general, I thought maybe I’d be disappointed with the lack of a gift. You have to be careful as you set precidents, after all. Maybe I will want a gift in the future.
And we like time without baby. We have only had it three times, and it has been surprisingly nice. But she is in clingy stage these days.
However, this year, at this stage in our current life, I think we had a perfect Valentine’s Day. Amazing food, no gifts, with baby. We saved money on the babysitter and saved worry since she was with us, and went all out on good food.  I really didn’t know if I’d rather expensive food or time alone at McDonald’s, a gift or a cocktail and gelato.
But we rolled the dice, made a decision and landed on our perfect day.




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